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Quimbanda Grimoire - Sigils, Spells and Rituals with Eshus

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Grimoire entirely dedicated to the Afro-Brazilian Quimbanda.

There are 143 pages of powerful content, including descriptions of the Kingdoms and phalanges of Quimbanda, the Chief Eshús and Pombagiras from each Realm.

How to activate the sigils (points).

There are scratched points (magickal sigils) of these entities, sung points (hymns), various spells for protection, and love bindings.

Strong spells in graveyards.

Glossary of terms, a powerful gunpowder spell for spiritual cleansing or disobsession.

Translation and explanation of the meaning of the names of Eshús. It's the real Quimbanda with Nagô origins, not the fake westernized Quimbanda mixed with Jewish Goetia.

You will get a EPUB (6MB) file