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Ex Umbra- Necromancy Grimoire

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Communion with the dead.

Necromancy without illegal practices. Divination with the spirits of the dead. Ancestors worship as done in Egypt, Sumeria, ancient Rome and Mexico.

Different scrying mirrors, scrying with Hekate, Tiamat, Mammitu. Clairvoyance and clairaudience exercises. How to perform a séance or "misa".

EVP: Electric Voice Phenomenon.

Powerful Palo Mayombe and Hoodoo spells. Cemetery Hoodoo spells, using dirt from graveyards and summon spirits.

Summoning the dead, mixed spiritism (espiritismo cruzado), boveda espiritual and misa (séances), and more.

168 pages, ePub file, instant download.

You will get a EPUB (8MB) file