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Bethet Heka- Egyptian Grimoire of Dark Spells

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Within this Grimoire lies a compendium of Dark Spells, Seshaw.

Immerse yourself in 146 pages adorned with potent spells and captivating illustrations, a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient Egyptian magick.

Delve into the mysteries of execration spells (Shawabti figurines), and the sacred incantations of the Book of the Dead.

Traverse the shadowed pathways of the dark Left Hand Path of "Heka", invoking the powers of the Neteru of the Underworld, including Anpu, Wesir, Seth, Montu, Sekhmeth, Anat, and others.

Embark on journeys through dreamwalking and Egyptian necromancy, mastering curses, hexes, and intricate rituals tailored to each Netjer.

Uncover the secrets of Egyptian foot track magick, learn about the magick circle, consecrate your egyptian tools, and set altars to honor each Netjer.

Embrace the dark Kemetic gods and harness their formidable Power.

Recipes for egyptian incenses and powerful hexes to destroy your enemies with efficacy.

Encounter rare spells, authentically ancient Egyptian spells, without dilution by Greco-Roman syncretism.

EPUB file with 146 pages and many colorful images.

You will get a EPUB (2MB) file